Fersped AD Skopje is a share-holding company with a two –degree management system.

Assembly of Shareholders
The Assembly decides on issues strictly provided with the Company Law and with the Statute of Fersped AD Skopje, and especially on:
1.Changes in the Statute;
2.Approval of annual reports, financial statements and the annual report on the success of the company in the previous fiscal year and on allocation of earnings;
3.Selection and recall off of the members of the Supervisory Board;
4.Approval of the work and management of the company by its Management Teams and of the Supervisory Board;
5.Change of the rights connected with separate types and classes of shares;
6.Increase or decrease of the basic principle of the Company;
7.Issuance of shares and other securities;
8.Appointment of authorized Auditor to audit annual reports and financial statements;
9.Transformation of the company into another form as well as statutory changes of the Company and
10.Termination of the Company. 

Supervisory Board
Members of the Supervisory board are elected by the Assembly of the company. This body supervises the management of the company. It cannot be assigned any powers related to managing the company of the Management Board.
The Supervisory Board represents the company before members of the Management Board.
It has 3 (three) members.

Management Board
It manages the company and within such framework runs the operations of the company under its own responsibility.
The members of the Management Board elect and proclaim members of the Management Board. The decision for election nominates one of the members of the Management to be a President, at the same time bearing a title of a General director. The Supervisory Board nominates also the Vice President of the Management Board.

The Management Board has 6 (six) members.
Rights and obligations for taking decisions by the members of the Managemnt Board pursuant to the Company Law are regulated by the Statute of Fersped AD Skopje.


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