Strategic restructuring of companies to make them pay more attention to the implementation of a corporate social responsibility in their daily routine is of essential importance.

Integrating the care for the community, environment and generally the society into the business policy of companies, whatever the definition for CSR may be, undoubtedly leads to better financial results generated from a continuing care for the employees, their rights and responsibilities, working conditions, environment and the customers to whom in the first place, we deliver our products and services and consequently the care for the state institutions and the country itself, providing both present and sustainable growth.

The awareness of the corporate social responsibility originates from the Global Contract of the UN and the widely spread application throughout the EU countries, to where we all strive. Not to mention that it provides a feedback to the company alone.

Our company has been implementing this category for a longer period of time although it may not has always been recognisable under this modern wording.


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