The Balkans is fully covered. A number of train operators and railway organizations are our long terms business associates which make it possible for us to cover Europe too. Our successful relations with the ex Yugoslav railway organizations make it possible to move block trains on a daily basis, in addition to single consignments on the North-South route, for the needs of the Macedonian economy. Just to name few of them coal, metal products, sheets, glass, mineral glass, chip board and other final products.

Regular daily rounds with various kinds of cargo are moved to and from Thessaloniki port, as the nearest hub for our economy and an overseas exit to Near, Middle and Far East. Our company is the main carrier of liquids, primarily oil and oil products by our own rolling stock.


  • Quote of railway freight charges,
  • Delivery of documents (CIM),
  • Consulting in arranging combined transports, mass goods, regular and oversized consignments,
  • Rebated prices for various goods from various railway organizations,
  • Railway transport with transshipment from European into Russian wagons and vice versa,
  • Railway transport from and to the Thessaloniki port,
  • Calculation of prices for the most convenient and fastest routings, assistance in providing necessary permits for oversized cargoes,
  • Rental/Hire of private wagons.

CONTACT Slavica Miseva
phone: +389 2 3149 381
fax: +389 2 3149 481
mobile: +389 75 273 685


Ul. Makedonija 11a 1000 Skopje